Bisexual as attraction to men and women is a heteronormative definition. 

Bisexual as attraction to same and different genders is the bisexual communities definition. 

When queer people say that bisexual reinforces a gender binary, tell them they sound like straight people. 


As a bisexual, no thank you, that reinforces the straight-bashing, ally-hating rhetoric in the queer community.

Glad someone said it! It’s important to understand that while there is a divide between heterosexuals and the bisexual community (especially with ignorant people assuming they’re more into one gender above all) that by alienating every straight person with this crap, you’re making sure to reinforce a hate both within the community and the community you’re striving for acceptance and respect from.

When you get this you have to publicly say 5 things you like about yourself and send it to a few of your favorite followers!

1. Although I used to be really bad at school (mostly from lack of interest,) I’m glad I’ve become so interested and productive in my efforts for school. I want to learn more and even show my teachers things I’ve read or seen that have to do with the class.

2. When learning little tidbits of another language I make more of an effort to learn the polite exchanges whereas others want to know swear words. I think that alone speaks volumes of my priorities. For example, this past week I’ve been urging two of my pharmacists to teach me “Thank you,” “Please,” “You’re welcome” and “I apologize” in Vietnamese.

3. I genuinely try to be a good person.

4. I’m never actually bored anymore and I think that means I’m interesting… or enlightened.. I haven’t decided which. But this means that I am capable of having a good time wherever I go.

5. I’m not afraid to speak up for myself anymore. :)